New Port Sysmä

Versatile marina in the Lake Päijänne.

  • Sysmä, Southern Finland
  • Modern 96 berth marina for 5-15 m long boats in the most beautiful lake area in Finland

New Port Sysmä belongs to the New Port Marina -chain and consists of two separate marinas, Suopelto marina and Ilola marina, which are close by.

Suopelto marinaoffers modern and safe mooring facilities to demanding boaters. Suopelto has 34 berths for 5-12,5 m long sailing or motorboats. The berths are equipped with mooring booms. At the pontoon ends there are four buoys for up to 12,5 m long boats. The services include lighting, security gates, railings, safety equipment, boat ramp, car parking, waste management, electricity and a service building with toilets and showers. The gas station with water and pump-out services is in the Suopelto marina.

Ilola marinaoffers safe mooring facilities in the most beautiful location. Ilola has 62 berths with buoys and booms for 5-15 m long sailing or motorboats. The services include lighting, security gate, safety equipment, car parking, electricity and a toilet. The waste management point and the gas station with the water and pump-out services are very close by.

In a walking distance there is a hotel and restaurants. New Port Sysmä is a safe marina offering modern and high-quality berths for quality-conscious boaters or inexpensive basic berths in the most beautiful location.

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