Villa Joutseno

  • Villa Joutseno is located in Imatra in Lammassaarentie 13, 55420 Imatra. It is the apartment on the right hand side (apartment B).
  • Floating luxurious house, 1 bedroom, 1 alcove, sauna, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets
  • Sleeps 4+2 people and suitable for events of 10-15 people
Modern style on Lake Saimaa

Villa Joutseno takes your holiday into a whole new dimension. Amidst the very beautiful natural landscape of south-eastern Finland, this unique floating home is packed with experiences to delight all the senses. The two-store house has one master bedroom, an alcove, spacious living room and fully equipped kitchen, sauna, two bathrooms, two toilets and a spacious balcony all within a compact design. Villa Joutseno is a high class and modern residence with a classic interior design. It features large windows with a perfect all-round view of the pristine waters of enormous Lake Saimaa. From the sauna there is direct access to swim.


Villa Joutseno is well situated in the midst of top services and entertainments. Within just a stone’s throw there is a hotel, spa, golf course, tennis courts, several restaurants and event services. The area also offers boating, fishing, kayaking, disc golfing, indoor swimming and skiing during the winter season. Villa Marina offers the best comfort in a very beautiful location. The nearest city, Imatra, is just 6 kilometres away and the distance to the nearest check point for Russia is 12 kilometres. Villa Joutseno is halfway from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. Explore the as yet undiscovered Lake Saimaa and book your own place in the spotlight. You just cannot expect more from a villa.